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French and Spanish Courts reject the tax authorities’ attempts to attribute notional capital to permanent establishments of foreign banks
This article analyzes two important decisions in respect of a complex issue under tax treaty provisions similar to Art. 7(2) of OECD Model Convention...Read more

Interplay between Art. 7 and Art. 9 of the tax treaties: Why the Fujifilm decision seems questionable?
This article analyzes in detail as to whether the Source State's transfer pricing rules can apply in respect of the dealings between a permanent establishment and its head office...Read more

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Important Australian Decision On Place Of Effective Management: Is Location Of A Company's Board Meetings A Determinative Factor?
This presentation covers an important Australian decision on the issue of place of effective management...Read more

Could a shed for storing and repackaging products give rise to a PE? A Netherlands Supreme Court landmark decision
This presentation covers an important decision of the Netherlands Supreme Court, dealing with an issue concerning PE-exclusion provisions in the tax treaties...Read more

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  • Article 5 of Tax Treaties
      (Permanent Establishment)
  • Article 7 of Tax Treaties
      (Business Profits)
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