Advisory Services

Dr. Amar Mehta has over 30 years of cutting-edge experience in advising on international tax as well as Indian taxation matters. That includes advising on intricate issues covering tax treaties, General Anti-avoidance Rules (GAAR), Specific Anti-avoidance Rules (SAAR), Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS), transfer pricing, as well as domestic (Indian) taxation.

As evident from the depth and breadth of the informative and analytical content on this site, Dr. Mehta possesses deep domain knowledge and experience in advising on complex transactions and litigation matters.

As a matter of fact, the content on this site is referred to by tax experts including advisors, counsels, revenue officers, academics, and even members of the judiciary from several countries. Dr. Mehta has been invited to speak at several conferences, seminars, webinars, and even interactive closed-door sessions.

During last three decades, Dr. Mehta has advised clients representing several industries including, but not restricted to:

·         Banks, asset managers, insurance companies, asset finance companies, and other financial institutions;

·         Information technology sector,

·         Infrastructure projects including engineering, procurement, and construction (EPS) projects;

·         Hospitality industry (e.g., renowned hotel groups);

·         Global transportation industry (airlines and shipping companies);

·         Oil and gas sector;

·         Telecommunication;

·         Manufacturing, including advanced manufacturing; and

·         Services industry.

For any advisory requirement, reach out to Dr. Amar Mehta at